Channel-Tek International, Corp. is a distributor of electronic components and other related products, selling an extensive line of active, passive and electro-mechanical products worldwide (where U.S. laws permit).  The customers we service are involved in many different manufacturing sectors within the electronics industry. Simply stated, we are specialists in procuring a multitude of products, for a host of companies, around the globe.

Our mission is to assist in making your production lines flow smoothly and to help your business be more efficient and cost effective.  We do this by: servicing your account with quick response times to your RFQ’s and BOM’s, buying the products you require from factories and authorized sources around the world, thereby streamlining your vendor base, supplying you quality products delivered to you on time, consolidating your orders to help cut back on processing times and freight costs, and communicating with you in a direct and straight forward manner to create a prosperous business partnership.

Channel-Tek International, Corp. has 21 years of ISO certifications and quality remains in the forefront of our commitment to your company.  We have set audited processes and procedures in place to certify that you receive the products you need, precisely when you need them.  You can place your orders with the confidence of knowing that we will process them to the highest of quality assurance standards.  Our Quality Control Manual is available to you upon request, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phone: +1-954-421-2227 Fax: +1-954-421-1865